How To Switch Tenants and Not Lose a Day of Rent


It's all about relationships!

THOROUGH SCREENING   Besides all the regular screening I do that all good property managers do, I go with my gut. Another thing that works well for me is having the tenant fill out the application that I bring to their current address.  This way I see how they live before they move into my house.  This isn't always possible, but when it is, it can be a real eye opener.

TREAT TENANTS WELL.  I'm not a slumlord.  My own investment properties and those of my clients are well maintained homes.  A good house makes for a happy tenant.

RESPECT THE MOVE.  When a tenant needs to move, just respect that.  My tenants rarely move anyway.  This is the time to open the line of communication.

ASK THE TENANT TO HELP YOU FIND ANOTHER TENANT.  We have such a great relationship to begin with, they are happy to help.  I've heard of offering a $100 bonus if someone they find passes my screening.  My tenants have been happy to help show their house without that carrot.  I tell the new tenant they are in a perfect position to find out if I'm actually a good landlord.  Everyone is happy!

DISCUSS THE MOVE IN THE PRESENCE OF BOTH TENANTS.  After my tenant has shown her house, I ask her if we can meet there again to fill out paperwork for the new tenant.  We discuss the move as a team.  The moving tenant has a face on the new tenant and will certainly want to leave the place spotless.

One time it was going so well with my two tenants that they decided to even share the moving truck.  One used it in the morning to move out and the other one used it in the afternoon to move in.  And the funny part was both ladies were named Tosha.

When I say we make every day a great day at Great Day Property Management, now THIS is what I'm TALKING about!

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