Lies & Truths about Detroit Section 8 Tenants -- Part 1

Move in day in Detroit.  These are the real people.  You are looking at Honors students who are going places.

Move in day in Detroit.  These are the real people.  You are looking at Honors students who are going places.

Lie:  Lazy people living off the system.

Truth:  My Section 8 tenants are usually single mothers who work as they go to college.  Yes, they are using government money to pay for part of their rent, but they are bettering themselves, which likely will make a better life for their children who may not ever need government help.


Lie:  They trash houses.

Truth:  They do not trash houses because there is more to lose for them than someone without the Section 8 voucher.  If they do anything that is a lease violation, they can go to court.  If they get a judgment against them, they can lose their voucher.  Section 8 does yearly inspections to ensure the house is safe.  If there are tenant-caused damages, the inspector cites the tenant who has to make the repair or Section 8 can revoke their voucher.


Lie:  They move all the time.

Truth:  Not in Detroit!  I have noticed over the years that tenants seek housing that is close to their sister, mother, auntie or grandma.  They are the most family centered people I’ve ever known.  They all support one another.  If the tenant appreciates the quality of the house and it is close to their family, they never want to move.


Lie:  They are not very smart or they wouldn’t be on the system, which makes them really hard to do business with.

Truth:  In order to get on Section 8, they had to first figure out how to apply.  Most of the Section 8 offices are not taking new applicants.  When the office is given money, they open up to just a few new applicants.  The applicants have to be able to fill out a mountain of paperwork.  The hardest part, in my opinion, is how they are treated at the  Detroit Section 8 office.  They have to tolerate an incredible amount of rudeness toward them without blowing up. They negotiate their business well.

  • Do they have criminal records?  
  • Are there enough people on Section 8 to fill my houses?  
  • Is it hard to get the Section 8 money?  

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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