Lies & Truths about Detroit Section 8 Tenants -- Part 2

Face of a smart cookie with a smart mother!

Face of a smart cookie with a smart mother!


Lie:  Before they had Section 8they probably had rough lives including evictions and arrests, so they’re not the type of people to work with.

Truth:  They cannot have any felonies on their record to qualify for Section 8.  They may have evictions on their records, but there are enough applicants that I can weed out the Masters of Rent Payment Evasion from the ones who have kept their record clean.  Their "rough lives" actually make them especially appreciative of our good houses and appreciative of the way we treat them.


Lie:  There are so many houses in Detroit for rent now,  it’s hard to find good Section 8 tenants.

Truth:  There are a lot of houses in Detroit for rent, but most of them are in what I call war zone areas or they are managed by slumlords.  I only have houses in desirable areas and my houses are better than what my tenants tell me they see out there.


Lie:  All the landlords want the Section 8 tenants so it’s hard to get one for myself.

Truth:  Most landlords are afraid to have a Section 8 tenant because they feel they won’t be able to pass an inspection.  Passing the inspections is not hard when you have a decent house. 


Lie:  Section 8 takes forever to pay so you lose money.

Truth:  They can take from one to three months before you start seeing rent.  But they always pay RETROACTIVELY to the time the tenant moved in.  Getting through their paperwork and dealing with their lack of communication or rudeness when they do communicate, is a challenge, but well worth it to me to see those checks come in regularly right to my bank account each month. 


My truth is that whenever a tenant comes to me and tentatively admits they have Section 8, I’m doing a big happy dance, rolling out the red carpet and letting them know they found their home.  Welcome!

Give me a call and I would love to tell you more.  My number is 248-390-3982.  

Or please comment.  Did I change any of your assumptions?