Confessions of a Landlord - Intro - Landlord Edition

I’ve taken the plunge into YouTube fame and glory! Not really all that. But I finally did decide to launch an idea that I’ve been diligently working on in my head for longer than I care to admit.


The leads who call me who are interested in investing in Detroit always say they appreciate my transparency in my website. I seem to know what I’m doing. The thought I have when they tell me that is, “Well, if they only knew what it took to get here!” I’ve made some doozie mistakes and some crazy decisions that actually worked. But I like to say mistakes are just another form of paying tuition.

When people call me and tell me that they’ve watched my YouTube videos, CONFESSION….I CRINGE! They’re so boring. They say they feel like they know me and it’s actually me. It really is! But I could be better, I’ve decided. And vlogging seems to be the answer.

So I’ve given myself the challenge of laying it all out there. Just going for it. I’m going to make videos with NO MAKE UP. Confession — I rarely wear makeup anyway. I’m going to use my cell phone. I’m going to vlog in my car or wherever else I’m inspired. I’m going vlog it as I think of it. My kids told me I need to be a vlogger and that’s what vloggers do and it’s okay, Mom! Yikes.

My Mission

Why? Well, I’m going to do a service. Confession: When I started as a landlord, I knew nothing. But I read books and I attended Real Estate Investors Association of Oakland County meetings and asked questions and used my husband’s amazing common sense with my creativity and natural risk taking tendencies and figured it out. I even took a class on property management that is part of earning a broker’s license. I learned nothing there that applied to real life.

I sure could have saved some “tuition” though if I had the videos that I’m about to make. So I hope to save some landlords. Some people save the whales…me, the landlords!

Here is my intro video. I just did it. Then I learned I was supposed to hold my phone horizontally. Then I had to figure out iMovie and then how to get it to my YouTube channel. Then I started watching videos on being better at this and I’m basically overwhelmed and that’s enough for today. Thank goodness we all have YouTube now.

I hope you find good content on my channel and see fit to subscribe.

Confession: Now that I wrote this, I can’t back out! I’m in. I feel like I just jumped out of a plane and hope I can find the parachute!