Rental Requirement: For detailed requirements, please see Rental Screening Criteria.  


We are moving in today; how long do we have to switch the utilities into our name? - You must contact the utility companies in order to have the utilities in your name as of the day you move in. Before the move in date, you must give our office the confirmation numbers from DTE and Consumers Power.  You need to switch water into your name 3 days before moving in.  DWSD charges $150 deposit if you do not already have an account with them.  You cannot move in until GDPM confirms utilities are in your name.


When is my rent payment due? - This is written into your lease. Your rent is due on the 1st.  If the rent is paid on the 6th or after, you need to include the late fee.

What forms of payment are acceptable for rent? - We accept payments made at Comerica Bank deposited into our account.  You need to put your address on the deposit slip or it will not be considered paid.  We do not accept payments at our office.


When is my rent considered late? - The answer to this is in your lease, but if you pay after the 5th, then you need to include a late fee.

When I pay my rent at the bank, how do I know you will actually receive the funds by the due date? - When paying your rent at the bank, rent is considered received when you submit your payment.  If you pay on a weekend, it will show us as paid on Monday. 

I can pay part of my rent on time. Will my late fee be reduced? - No.


My rent was only a few days late, and I've been turned over for eviction! Why? -  There is no 'grace' period between late and a 7-day notice of eviction.

I've been turned over for eviction, but I have the money now. What do I do? - If you have the balance you owe, in full, including any legal or attorney fees, you may deposit this money into our bank account at Comerica Bank and let us know right away.

I can pay online today to pay up my balance. Will that remove me from eviction status? -Yes.

I can bring you half of what I owe today, and the balance in a week. Will that stop the eviction process? - No. It will not be stopped until the account is paid in full.

If I cannot come up with the money by the due date shown on the paper that I was served with, what do I do? - The best thing you can do is appear in court to protect your rights. 

Will the eviction show up on my credit report? - Yes. An eviction is a legal action, and it does show up in credit searches. Additionally, if there is a money judgment in our favor due to the balance owed, this will also show up as a judgment on your credit, and qualifies as "landlord" debt. This will make it increasingly difficult for you to rent or purchase your next home or obtain loans or credit for other purposes (buying a car, getting a credit card, etc).

A bank error caused my payment to be returned. Why do I have to pay the fee? - We do not have a relationship with your bank.  You do. It is up to you to contact your bank to reimburse you for any fees that their error caused you.


I plan to move at the end of the month, so can I use my security deposit for this month's rent? - No. Your rent needs to be paid in full by the due date for each month that you will live in the home. Your security deposit is held for full performance of all the terms of the lease agreement, therefore it is not disbursed or distributed until AFTER full vacancy of the property.

What will be held from my deposit when I move out? - Your deposit is used to restore the property to its move in condition at the time you moved in, minus normal wear & tear. This means that holes in the walls bigger than the tip of a pencil or marks on the walls from furniture, pens, pencils, crayons, etc will require patching or painting. Stains or tears in the carpet or vinyl will require cleaning or replacing. Missing, broken or non-functioning light bulbs, door stops, mini blinds, etc will require replacing. The carpet must be professionally cleaned, and the property itself must be cleaned to our standards. You may dowload a copy of our cleaning checklist or our move-out requirements at any time for your reference. There may be additional charges for pet damages, trash left behind, etc. Tenant Portal.  


How do I request a repair for something in my home? - You may submit a maintenance request online from this website.  Or you may request maintenance from your Buildium Tenant Portal.  You may also call the office at 248-965-9400 to request maintenance.  Maintenance Request.

What if I have an emergency in the middle of the night? - We now have an answering service.  Their number is on our office line under Option 9, What is an Emergency?

What is considered an emergency? - Generally, any condition that is a threat to people or property. More specifically, emergencies are defined as:

  • No heat if it is below 50 degrees in the house.

  • No functioning toilet (if you have two, one being clogged is not an emergency)

  • Any smoke or sparks from an electrical fixture, outlet or switch

  • Any water flow that cannot be stopped with a turn off valve

  • Sewage backing up into the house

I can't afford to take a whole day off work to wait for a maintenance tech. What do I do? - All you need to do is give us permission to enter, or arrange for a friend or family member to meet us there, and we can get the work done without you having to miss any work at all. If you have a pet, you must make arrangements to have someone there or have your pet crated while our tech is in the home.

We had the kitchen sink unclogged last week, and now there is a maintenance charge on our account. Why? - Per your lease, any plumbing clog is the responsibility of the tenant. We do not live in the home; we do not use the sinks, toilets, etc. You do. If it was functioning when you moved in, and now it is not, something has obviously been put into the plumbing that has caused it to clog.


My job has transferred me, but my lease is not up for six more months. What do I do? - Contact our office immediately, and we will work out a plan to get the property back on the market to alleviate your responsibility for the remainder of your lease. We will explain your options and any associated costs to you.

Isn't there a buy-out on the lease that requires either one or two additional months' rent to end it? - No. Some leases have this clause. Ours does not. When you sign your lease for a set period of time, we expect you to live up to that period of time.


What types of pets are permitted? - It depends on the property. Some properties allow dogs. Some properties do not permit any pets. All of our properties allow pets that are always caged or contained (birds or reptiles if they are never permitted outside their container). Fish are permitted in all properties, however, aquariums larger than 10 gallons will require you to carry renter’s insurance.

How much will it cost me to have my pet? - Please see our Pet Policy page.

Are there breed or size restrictions? - Yes. We do not permit any of the generally classified "vicious" breeds, such as Rottweiler, Doberman, Pit Bull, Chow, etc. Check with our office for a complete list of restricted breeds. Size restrictions are based on the specific property, so be sure to ask prior to applying for a property.

Can I have my pot-bellied pig, chickens, goat, etc? - Probably not.  We have to comply with city ordinances. Our pet permissions are specifically for dogs, cats, caged birds, reptiles or fish.

What about puppies or kittens? - We do not permit any pets less than 6 months old. If you have a pet that gives birth during your lease, you must remove all of the offspring from your pet within 14 days after the weaning period in order to avoid a pet penalty charge on your account.

I didn't have pets when I moved in, but my daughter brought home a puppy. What do I need to do? - Your account will be assessed a pet penalty for having the pet on the property without prior consent. To avoid this, you should have contacted our office prior to bringing the pet home, obtained written permission for the pet, paid the appropriate pet fees and signed the applicable addendum to your lease.


There were three of us when we moved in, however, one of us is moving out. How do we handle the security deposit and lease? - The lease will need to be modified to remove the departing person. This will require that the remaining parties must qualify for the property without the credit or income of the leaving party; if not, everyone must vacate or a new roommate must be found as a replacement. As for the security deposit, that must be handled among the roommates. We will not release any portion of the security deposit until the home is fully vacated, and then it will be paid out to all parties on the lease at that time.

We cannot get along, and we want to terminate our lease so we can all go our separate ways. What do we do? - We will need to find replacement tenants to release you from your responsibility under the lease. Contact our office for assistance in making that happen.  Read your lease regarding early termination.

We'd like to add another roommate. How do we do that? - The new roommate must complete an application, and qualify under the normal guidelines. Then the lease will need to be modified to add this new person. When the security deposit is paid out at the end of the lease, this new person will now be listed on the check also, so any security deposit due from this person should be collected by the original roommates upon move in. Keep in mind that some properties have restrictions on how many unrelated adults may reside there and we always maintain our two person per bedroom policy.


I'm planning to move out at the end of my lease. Do I still have to give you written notice, even though my lease has an expiration date? - Yes. We require a 30 day notice to not be in violation of your lease. We have no way of knowing whether you plan to move or stay unless you give notice. Your lease expires but it does not require you to vacate, so you have to tell us.

What if I give my notice and need to extend my move out date? - If we have not yet received a deposit from a new tenant for your property, you can extend your notice. If we have already accepted a deposit from a new tenant, extending your notice may make you liable for costs or expenses related to the other party not being able to take possession of the property on the anticipated date. If extending, we require a written request to extend for up to 7 days. You can extend twice (assuming no new deposit has been received). If you need more than 14 additional days, you will be required to submit a new 30-day notice to vacate.

What if I give my notice and change my mind about moving? - If we have not yet received a deposit from a new tenant for your property, you can rescind your notice. If we have already accepted a deposit from a new tenant, rescinding your notice may make you liable for costs or expenses related to the other party not being able to take possession of the property on the anticipated date.  If rescinding, we require written notice.

How do I know what you're looking for on the move-out inspection? - When we receive your notice to vacate, you will receive a packet of information from our office, including a checklist of items that we're looking for. You may also request this from our office at any time.

If I cannot finish the cleaning before I move out, how much will you charge me? - In your move out packet, which is sent to you upon receipt of your notice to vacate, you will find a general price sheet indicating what certain items will cost if we have to do them after you vacate.

I've moved out, but my roommate is still there. Can I get my portion of the deposit back? - No. See the section on Roommates addressing one party leaving before the other(s). The security deposit will not be distributed until the home is fully vacated by all parties.