Investor Tour of Detroit

We encourage you to come to Detroit and get a personalized investor tour. We will take you to our neighborhoods in which we invest and point out to you why we choose these areas.  We usually have a house we are working on that we can walk you through.  Inside Pat will show you the quality construction of these 1950s houses.  He will show you why he chooses to do what work he does on them.  We will point out the houses we have under management so you can see how the tenants are maintaining their homes.  

Depending on how much time you have, we enjoy showing our investors the gems of Detroit.  Being a Detroit native, Pat takes pride in showing off our sports arenas and our historic buildings.  It's also fun to see the different types of neighborhoods; Indian Village, New Center Area, Corktown, Midtown, Boston Edison.  We may have lunch at our world renown Detroit Institute of Arts.  Or we may go to dinner at our favorite Detroit original Roma Cafe.  We will customize the tour to your interests.  It will be a day to remember!


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