Our Vision

Our goal is to make every day a great day by helping the most people possible.  We help our investors by securing their investments while they enjoy watching their money grow.  We help our tenants by showing them a working relationship that involves trust and respect.  We are especially satisfied to move them from a slumlord situation into one of our houses.  They are so grateful.  Once in our house, we help them by maintaining it to acceptable standards.  We only hire people to work for us who are deeply appreciative of the job and what we are doing in Detroit.  We feel we help Detroit in its revival by infusing it with investor money to make it more beautiful one house at a time.  This is a city filled with pride and we enjoy being part of its come back.

Our Story

Scene I:  How it all Started.   In 2008 my husband, Pat, and I began our own adventure as real estate investors.  Our goal was to find homes in good Detroit neighborhoods that would attract longterm tenants.  Being a Detroit native, Pat knew right where to buy.  His background in construction enabled him to choose the most viable investment properties.  When it comes to fixing up a house, Pat knows just how to do it the most economically but in a way that will preserve our investments and attract the best tenants.

Scene II:  And Then We Grew.  Due to our own success as investors, I acquired a real estate license and we started helping other investors do the same work.

Scene III:  Enters Terry Thompson, an accomplished businessman and investor in both the US and Canada.  He already knew about investing in single family rental homes from Pheonix, San Diego and Fresno.  He saw our ad online seeking a tenant and he called to see what kind of property managers we are in Detroit.  No other Detroit property managers had good reviews, he said.  I told him what we find to be our secrets to success in Detroit.   He agreed with our thinking and  bought a few houses, flew here from his home in California, spent a week checking out our project, meeting us, meeting our family and staff and falling so in love with the revival of Detroit, not only has he continued buying houses, but he also bought into Great Day Property Management.

Scene IV:  The Reinvention of Great Day Property Management.  With our new business model, no longer do our new investors need to buy houses assuming all the risk.  The houses that we sell are truly turnkey; they have been renovated, the titles are marketable, the tenants are already paying rent, Section 8 is running smoothly, affordable insurance is in place and you have a professional property management team already working with your investor interests in mind.

We make every day a great day at Great Day Property Management!